Placemaking & Public Sector

Our founder, Kate Hardcastle has been a longstanding supporter of UK high streets and has campaigned for changes to policy and management of town and city centres for many years.

She has written and produced numerous articles and broadcast pieces has written and numerous articles and broadcast pieces on the topic, including an ITV Tonight programme and for Forbes.

The Insight with Passion team work with numerous local authorities, landlords and tourist boards to revitalise UK high streets and retail zones. This involves delivering strategies which truly enliven and deliver places that are fit for purpose,  maximising partnerships, boosting the visitor experience and increasing spend, all with a view to improving the long term value and success of both larger and independent retail and hospitality businesses.

Our workshops and seminars bring together organisations from specific communities and sectors, offering tailored solutions whilst helping them to forge collaborative strategies for success.

Access for All

The 5.8m small businesses in the UK make up a vital part of our economy. That’s why we also dedicate over 20% of our time to our Access for All Programme, read more about it here.