Trutex is a heritage school uniform brand, established over 150 years ago and supplies uniform and sportswear to thousands of schools across the UK and internationally. 
The Brief: IWP supported Trutex on the business strategy, consumer engagement, establishing brand purpose and developing an effective community strategy. 
The Challenge: The school uniform industry as a whole was experiencing negative press coverage around the issues of uniform poverty and the forced purchase of uniform by schools.  It was therefore essential that Trutex take the opportunity to use its well established voice to reposition the brand as a partner to schools and a supporter of school children and families. 
Delivery: The IWP team drove multiple projects across the business, covering everything from customer research to media training and creative direction on photography and branded materials. A specific research piece on school uniform inclusivity provided vital insights highlighting the benefits of school uniform in terms of its role as a leveller with regards to bullying and social inequality. 
IWP instigated a strategic partnership between Trutex and The Diana Award, focused on the common values of both organisations. The alliance resulted in numerous successful projects supporting the Anti-Bullying campaign, including the delivery of workshops in schools across the UK, training hundreds of children to become Anti-Bullying Ambassadors and the creation of a school blazer featuring anti-bullying messages written by children, in the lining. This stimulated positive national press coverage, highlighting the important issue of bullying in schools and providing a platform for Trutex to showcase its community commitment.  
IWP drove further strategic alliances for Trutex, for example with media personality Katy Hil,l to further enhance the brand’s reputation through positive ambassadors. 

Results: Trutex is an international brand so the benefits of this partnerships were felt internationally, allowing Trutex to build on its long standing heritage and demonstrate its long-term commitment to supporting children, beyond the provision of uniforms.

“IWP helped us take a fresh look at our business and brand. Their retail expertise, coupled with a real understanding of consumer marketing has been an invaluable asset to make impactful changes to our business strategy.”
Matthew Easter, Managing Director, Trutex Ltd.