Haddy Folivi

Haddy is an international communications specialist, with excellent relationships with publications including Forbes and CNBC. With over 20 years’ experience in international communications, Haddy’s expertise helps clients connect with consumers across different markets and she has been celebrated for her recent work promoting global diversity in sports.

Here is a personal and powerful message from Haddy on the importance of her work and why she’s proud to be an Executive Advisor here at Insight with Passion, helping our clients on their journey towards greater inclusivity.


Race and diversity is something very close to my heart.  I was raised in the culturally diverse inner city borough of Hackney which is in East London. Growing up, second generation Africans mixed freely with second generation Caribbeans and middle class white people, born to generations in East London.  I have always been aware of cultural and racial differences.  I have never felt more empowered to do something about the disparity and the gaps than I do now.

Over the last 12 months, I have secured media features on unconscious name bias, where people like myself with obviously non-British names are discriminated against because of our name alone.  I have secured media features on the un-representation of BAME individuals in motorsports.  The most famous Black person in motorsports is Lewis Hamilton.  Very few can name 5 more.  

We cannot say we are inclusive without taking decisive action, which is why my work lights me up.  Companies can longer be ignorant to the issues faced by certain groups and ignore them.  That is not inclusion.  Diversity and inclusion is multi-layered and within that, you have a number of different fractions: First generation Africans and Caribbeans living in the UK; the second generation whose experience would be somewhat watered down than their parents; Black Christians; Black Muslims.  Experiences will differ slightly from group to group, and you cannot possibly address them all.  But you can make a start.  How can you start? By doing the following:

Create an inclusion statement on your website.  By stating that you welcome everyone, regardless of their race, gender, culture and more.  Everyone should have an inclusion statement.

By using diverse images.  Make no mistake.  I am not Insight with Passion’s “token black” – they are very anti-tokenism, and I have been working with the company since 2012, way before it became fashionable again to talk about inclusion.  Using diverse images demonstrates that you are open to all.  Pictures are powerful.

By using inclusive terminology.  Some companies need to totally re-write their branding book and start again.  Terms like “coloured” are no longer acceptable, and to be honest, they are offensive.  Is your language inclusive or exclusive?  Start there.


Diversity and inclusion is a topic we are passionate about.  Get in touch to see how we can how we can help you.